1) Grand Edge, MI

(I’m looking at) pictures of myself smiling 

with people I don’t talk to or even talk shit on anymore,

I want to talk about them with you.

I want to tell you about my past,

I want to tell you about trips I took when I was running away

or fist fights I got into that got me out of class.

I want to tell you about everything,

I wish you could’ve been there,

I wish you could’ve saved me that summer I swore

pictures of planes crashing into bridges was the only way to express how I felt,

making broken seals in dissolvable stitches

tracing new found veins into each tiny digit,

and staring at screens,

living life around a battery,

"oh i’m sorry, I can’t go out,

I’m stuck inside,

watching everything eventually go.”

But I’m happy 

because if you let me 

I will watch you die.

I can’t take how easily the earth moves underneath my feet

but i’m too restless to sleep, no I haven’t even rest in weeks.

I’ve been trying to find myself in others

similarities that I could see

is this all real life, or is this just all bad TV?

Why are we so afraid to watch the dead when they finally die?

Is it because we see their opportunities pass them by?

There’s a family in a cemetery,

there’s a family in a home,

If I can’t even afford a grave for myself

than why am I so afraid of dying alone?

2) Chewing Ghosts

Have the decency to bury me 

if you’re going to kick me dead.

This is uplifting instrumental music for people who 

need a good talking to;

find something new to hate,

find something else to fill your plate.

Maybe you’d like me again if I went back to the bottle.

Maybe you’d like me again if I went back to being miserable.

We could be unhappy together,

we could be drunk together,

we could be punk together,

we could be friends again.

Just when you think you’ve dusted off your ghosts,

new ones form to take their place.

Well I’m old enough to know

I’ve never been much of a fan of the aftertaste.

You are a bunch of 

metaphors and similes (in someways)

tucked away in 

passive aggressive failed poetry,

but you don’t deserve a second of bad mouthing,

you don’t deserve even a crow call to your name.

I’ll leave your tongue for the coasts.

I’ll leave your words for the toasts.

Enemies come and enemies go,

some burn dull enough just to fade away.

I can’t wait to see you fade away.

Just when you think you’ve dusted off the ghosts,

new ones form to take their place.

Well I’m old enough to know

I’ve never been much a fan of the aftertaste.

I wanna see you hate who you were,

I wanna see you hate yourself for what you’ve done.

Your mother was right

you are the bastard type

and I won’t fuel the fire that keeps you warm.

You’ve given me more 

than a chip on my shoulder,

I’ve got enough anger to fight this whole war.

If you want to be missed

you can’t live like this

get out while you can, I’ll call when I care.

Just when you think you’ve dusted off the ghosts,

new ones form to take their place.

Well I’m old enough to know

I’ve never been much a fan of the aftertaste.

There are people that will make you bitter, 

angry, entirely for the rest of your life,

and there are people that will willingly 

warm your cold bones so you can finally sleep a night.

I need something new to obsess over

I need something new to obsess over

3) The Romantic Ocean

(you are)

My fibonnaci sequence,

my golden ratio,

my “nightswimming” piano piece,

my white tulip covered in winter snow.

You make me feel so tall.

You make me feel so adult,

like I could conquer everything,

or maybe just anything at all.

I remember sunsets in cities 

that I’ve never lived in

but god damn, those days,

we were living it.

You are more to this than skin and familiarity,

you are the ease of relief, 

you are the sought out ring of clarity.

I saw:

the crevasses of the moon’s craters

(I’ve loved in the distance of layers)

The earth I used to consider steep

Now I push my boulder up to earn my keep.

I need the waves of the romantic ocean,

the fucking crest of the romantic ocean,

your whisper welcome my ship along,

to feel like I could be depended on.

Like I could be depended on.

4) Fake Knees

The tiniest gap 

in between

your two front teeth

and your fake knees

whistling through the pain

to accomodate

a kid who doesn’t have

the time of day

and one who has to

keep moving away.

What can I say? 

I’m purposely putting life in the way.

Thank you for 

your gently worn

shirts we

slept with 

underneath our nose.

I’m on a red eye crying about

a bunch of fucking clothes.

How much time

did I waste

on people who eventually left?

While you were always there waiting,

with your coffee breath,

with your shitty eyes,

and your deep chest,

and your cracked skin hands

that held the best,

you always knew the rest,

you know the rest.

I’m waiting for you to get better,

even if it means nights spent in the outpatient center.

5) Sold Year

It takes a lot of courage to start saying you’re sorry

when you’re like the wife of the whole fucking army

yeah we all have memories

yeah we all have enemies

you wanna hang christmas lights in the summer

an excuse to pass time with one another

you’re moving away on memories

you’re moving away from enemies

we keep loyalty alive

we keep grudges until we die

you’ll be making new memories

you’ll be making new enemies

Have you ever seen a soldier smile?

I’d never last a mile

with all the weight that they wear all the while.

6) Transitions

I won’t bury my dead,

I choose to trample the bodies.

the mistakes I’ve made,

they teach me to be sorry.

Too quick to make a choice,

never thought out what I was thinking,

Now I listen to more than one voice,

I pay attention to the whole choir singing.

7) You Hold Back

Have I lost it, have I lost it

or have I just bought in

to the bullshit

the mirrors

the smoke I traced back

to the faucet


into the sink covered in hair.

oh I see what you did there

you cut off your cares,

god it’s so freeing,

time isn’t fleeting.

It’s pause and politeness,

it’s judge and be triteness.

Your sensitivity and sex,

your rules and respect,

I haven’t seen you follow any of it since two god damn years ago,

you got bored, you got tired, you gave up on filing

who pissed you off and who won you over.

This is a fashion, this is a formula,

this is contrasting colors in october,

you can’t go against the grain

if there’s no natural wood.

My friends all think i’m crying wolf.

You got caught up in the concept

and oh that’s never good.

(I want to be happy, but i’m better when I’m mad)

So we make our own monuments

out of our favorite bridges and buildings.

The old ones were boring,

they didn’t mean anything to us.

I know it seems so immature,

all these questions I want answers for,

but I can’t put faith into anything 

I can’t physically touch.

I want to be happy

but I’m holding myself back

but a love handles

and it holds back.

8) But


I wish you never had to settle

For a cold phone

Instead of a warm wake up tone

And I wish you never had to settle

For an annoying necessity

Instead of a comforting chest cavity

i want to be a part of your inside jokes

i want to know about each pill you to take

where deep in your body it goes

what diseases you think you have

how bad it gets when “it gets bad”

what tragedies you’ve faced

or to know once this place finally burns down

they won’t find our bodies in the waste.

And I wish you never had to settle

For a bed too big

Instead of stories of the shit you got into 

way back when you were a kid

well i’m no longer

Looking for a filler

Or some random body to hold

I’m not trying to stop time

I think I’m finally ready to get old

I know I’m nervous 

and I’m feeling anxious

but i’m coming back to you

i’m done looking for some spaceship

And when I get there 

It’ll be a storm

I’ll be the tornado

That keeps you warm.

9) Sunburnt Jet Wings

This is my personal desert,

this is my personal slum,

I’ve become the person that I always hated

the enemy I was running from.

I wanted the sun to warm my skin,

but I wanted to hide from everything.

I made my life into a competition,

where’s my trophy mantle,

you sent me clippings

to an article I couldn’t begin to handle.

I wanted the sun to warm my skin,

but I wanted to hide from everything.

What’s a lag without the jet,

put my fucking fantasies to rest,

I flew everywhere just to find something I can’t forget.

For a minute I lost sight of it,

not just the light of it

but the whole full frame picture.

Passed out when I’d stand up,

can’t see what my hands touch,

fall back down to a thud.

I won’t stop until I can see my bones.

(I won’t stop until I can see my bones)

No matter how long I hold my breath 

I’ve got to exhale just to let out the old.

I wanted the sun to warm my skin,

but I wanted to hide from everything.

10) Take Back Today

You made footprints on mountains, 

you made a change in an old dirt.

We showed each other what we’re good at,

we taught each other self worth.

We yelled so loudly that we hurt each other’s ears

and that summer we all made a pact to face our fears.

And that night I met your dad and your older brother

and I wish I could’ve been there to have met your mother,

and I wish you could’ve been here to have met my father

when he wasn’t always in pain or some doctor’s new project.

It’s just everything is always a countdown.

let’s take time away.

Lately I’ve been worried I’ve been spending my life only living part of it.

I’ve been spending so much time in the future I forgot about the present.

I wanna go back to when I was young and throwing rocks into ponds I didn’t own,

I wanna go back to your baby powder feet and your sweaty sweaty summer clothes.

If everything is always a countdown

then I wanna take time away.

Am I moving way too fast now?

Or am I trailing at a snail’s pace?

I heard my favorite song but I couldn’t stand the sound.

I’ve been running under thunder storms

just waiting for it to rain down.

Its your worn bed sheets,

its your warm pillow,

I want to forever follow,

tell me where does your shadow go?

If everything is always a countdown

I want to take back today.

11) Only You

Well, I haven’t been practicing what I preach.

Well, I haven’t been practicing much of anything anymore.

I tried to live a clean life, lean towards health and making you proud,

but I became too focused on another lingering rain cloud.

I forgot what sunlight felt like,

I almost grabbed for the dirt I kicked away.

I wanted to throw it in my own eyes

until I forgot the sight of how our bodies used to lay.

You only you can change yourself,

but lord knows you were a big fucking help.

It’s hard to find yourself when you’re more drunk than you’re sober

when every thought you’ve ever thought is gone before the night is over.

You made me a liar in my joyful youth.

You sparked a fire seen from a mountaintop view,

I’m on the ground, I’m still burning for you.

And I’m still learning from you only you.


1. My Crass Patch

Be my American steam
Be my Jean Seberg and my new French queen
Be my Breathless scream
Be what I look for in everything

Be the newest widow’s still worn wedding ring
Be a photo of autumn leaves on the first day of spring
Chapped lips, don’t change a thing
Don’t change a thing

Be my change,
don’t change a thing
Be my change,
don’t change a thing
Be the harvest moon that makes Jupiter sore
Be the kind of work I’ve spent my life working for
Be my drunkest nights blackout peaceful sleep
Be my memories I wish I could keep
(don’t change a thing, don’t change a thing)

2. Can I Be Yr Deadbeat Boyfriend?

Now I sleep on a floor in a house
that I’ve never been in before
Kept company by the lack
Of what I remember about you
All the furniture’s lit up bright green
Something I know you’ll never see
Well maybe I should get some sunlight
But it’s just a yellow burden to me
You can break my bones
But you’re never coming home

You can only get hurt once
After that it’s a lack
of being self aware
So don’t come home

3. Boat Rich

When we finally find
the home we were searching for
we’ll write our initials
in rock formations
on the mountains
just like the cities we drove through
with so much
much more freedom

than here
than these
east coast constraints
could ever compare to.

But do you remember
that Philly porch panic attack
and the late night talks
on the balcony?

Well I’ve been finding comfort
spending the day time in bars,
watching how people in these cities act. Watching you play
pinball arcade games
while I put my legs up and relax.

I’m finally realizing
that home
doesn’t have an address

But do you remember
cherry cheeks on Chicago nights
And the late night talks
in other people’s living rooms

Pick out a postcard
(we’ll send it in the morning

But do you remember
sleeping sitting up
and the late night talks
in every state we’ve been in

I’m finally realizing
that home doesn’t have an address
It doesn’t have an address

4. No, We’re Not Actually

Visits used to be on holidays and weekends
now you’re always a phone call away from wherever you’re needed
for emergency speakings

A body on a stretcher, eyes rolled back and barely sleeping
tears in your voice, I’m trying to keep you from weeping.

Because everything will be fine, as long as I say so.
And everything will go right, as long as I say so.

There’s the prettiest view of the city from his bedside window
if you ignore what they’re for, these machines make the most beautiful glow
turn the lights out and go

Pillows under his head, make sure there is a steady blood flow
hold his hand tight, whisper goodbye slow

Because everything will be fine, as long as we say so.
And everything will go right, as long as we say so.

So we’ll tell him to stay young
Don’t die on me yet

Because I can’t bear to see him like this again
I keep thinking back to all of us in that kitchen on those mornings

Steady nights of sleeping
Steady nights of sleeping
Steady nights of sleeping
Oh how I miss those

Oh how I miss you

AMERICAN RADASS (this is important)

meanings to lyrics can be found here:

1. If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening to It
We water the plants even after they die, 
waste all our time in the helpless notion 
of shooting around in blankets of fog, 
eyes closed, shouting your name to no one. 
There’s a horror story in here somewhere 
but we are too apathetic to find it. 
We can pick out our faults enough to blame our parents, 
why can’t we blame ourselves?

 You, only you, can change yourself.

2. Get to the Beach!

You used to watch me while I’d drive, 
but now all you watch is 
how many exits until you’re home. 
It shouldn’t be this forced

to not act so upset every time I hear 
your name. 
Since you’ve left the home we made 
you’ve been out fucking someone else.

A permanent bee sting in my throat, 
I can’t ever catch my breath.

It’s not fair to tell me to cheer up

3. Honestly, Chroma Q&A 
I dwell on things that break my own heart, 
I think and think until I drink and drink, 
it’s the side of myself that I’m most comfortable with; 
the side of me that lets me sleep. 
I dwell on things to break my own heart 
because I could give a shit about how I think.

I just keep hoping my brain, my heart, and my guts will stop< 
don’t call me a coward when I say these things 
just be proud I’m not ashamed of who I am 
just be proud I’m not like you.

4. Aww, C’mon Guyz 
If this is such a joke 
then where is your punch line, 
discrimination isn’t funny 
and your audience is getting harder to find.

“We’re just having fun,” 
yeah I’ve heard that one before, 
it’s shock value humor 
when all you get is silence, you try for some more.

Well no one’s laughing here, 
open your mind and open your ears, 
think past your friends, think how far each word can go, 
think of how strangers see you, is this what you want to show?

There’s more than your circle, 
there are people you’ve never met. 
Look at what you’re projecting, 
the examples that you set.

Don’t try to tell me what punk is 
or just how you envision it. 
If this is how you will stay 
than your “scene” will have a division in it.

What about your heroes, 
the people you adore? 
If they heard what you were saying, 
>would they listen anymore?

What would your idols think?

5. Shit Twins 
There is a chest 
of skin, of drawers, 
with pictures of waterspouts 
coming out from the ocean and into the mainland 
where you once lived 
when you were younger 
you learned how to hope, want, or wish.

Your step became unsteady once, 
even more, 
every time you would stand on shrapnel. 
(Under your feet.) 
There was a growth under your skin, 
an addition of pride, 
for your newfound wasteland

But even worse, 
the future you see, 
the future you bring, 
the future you are completely okay with. 
I could wait up sick, 
waiting for a response, 
I could wait up waiting for anything, 
and it’s something that you’re completely okay with.

You’ve been standing outside of my apartment, 
With your mouth open wide, and I haven’t heard enough of it.

Tell me, tell me, Miranda, 
where do you see yourself tomorrow? 
Do you worry each Wednesday, 
when the week is almost over, 
where you will sleep 
where you will sleep 
your sanctuary is Missouri in May, 
and I still insist on cutting my tongue off.

You’ve been standing outside of my apartment, 
With your mouth open wide, and I haven’t heard enough of it.

I will not speak of 
the crash, 
cause if it is never spoken of, 
then history will never know it happened. 
If it is never written about, 
then no one can ever read it. 
If it is never talked about, 
then no one can ever hear it.

Do we know the truths
Of every broken step? 
Only if it’s told, 
forgotten when it’s old, 
undesired and cold, 
there is no story to be sold.

(we’ll say)

We’ll say 
we’ll meet up in some hotel room, 
be it fancy or pay by the hour, 
and we’ll comfort each other 
like we used to in our time, 
you’ll say it’ll be just like the old days 
but it won’t be the fucking old days 
no it won’t be the fucking old days, 
only now with our broken parts, 
our overused and torn up pieces. 
Will it be better than before? 
Will it be better than before? 
Do we thank our practice with others, 
or will it be tarnished by exact thought? 
Will it be better than before? 
Will it be better than before?

6. Grunt Work (The ‘69 Sound) 
I’ve gotten so good at stumbling through ditches 
that now I’m starting to fall into holes. 
When you’re this young and so excited, 
you won’t remember to set any goals.

7. Groin Twerk 
One day you’ll be married, 
and you won’t have to feel 
dirty purchasing pregnancy tests from  
convenience stores with your best friend, 
oh I was your best friend once, 
walking down the aisles picking out baby names.

Yesterday I found pictures of you sitting in your underwear; 
a middle finger to your mother, and a fuck you to your father.

There’s a flag in my doorframe, 
there’s a sweater on the floor, 
there was a time you once loved me 
but we both know that’s no more.

But were you sure? 
Well are you sure?

8. Big Bag of Sandwiches 
I wouldn’t even call this hard work, 
yeah I’ve done some bleeding, 
but there’s always a warmth, for what it’s worth. 
Spent most of Florida hanging around, 
drowning in old friends and beautiful sounds, singing.

Just like the trees 
friendships will bloom, 
I might be leaving now 
but I’ll be back soon.

My home has wheels, 
at least that’s how it feels.

Just like the trees 
friendships will bloom, 
I might be leaving now 
but I’ll be back soon. 
Light trails on your face 
is how I’ll remember your smiles, 
as night takes its place 
we’ve still got so many miles.

It turns out you’re right 
(and I’m not sorry) 
It turns out you’re right

Blood, sweat, and tears; 
that’s what’s keeping me here.

9. Bakefast at Piffany’s 
Love is bleaching 
bed sheets, 
because we could never wait. 
Love is seeking 
bare feet, 
phone calls from other states.

Love was 
loved ones, 
love was 
loved once.

Well do you 
still forget to 
brush your teeth? 
Cause you’re too caught up in

the morning; 
each eyes peel, 
peer into pores, 
change of breathing wakes each other up. 
Now it’s cold air, 
nobodys laying there, 
checking my phone 
and going back to sleep.

I sleep in a bed and home that we made 
but I’m left alone with your scent on pillow sheets. 
Rearranging furniture to forget my past mistakes, 
covering up the walls in an attempt to create 
something that will make me forget who you’ve become, 
something that will make me forget what you’ve lost.

And now it’s new meaning 
into inanimate objects, 
working towards better health 
or just longer breaths to kill more time.

Count the seconds, 
count the heartbeats, 
count the messages, 
count the lack of replies.

People we loved 
hurt us 
and we make up excuses 
to tell ourselves they had to, 
and that it’s all okay 
and that they mean well, 
but why?

I’m going to start doing what I want to do, 
I’m going to start getting selfish.

10. Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow) 
You get some time away 
and time really gets away from you. 
I said I was searching for myself 
but I was running from everything too.

A new degree, 
a piece of paper, 
framed in dark ebony 
to hang up later. 
(or else it’s)

Your harsh words, 
whispered into my ear, 
You said, “This time was fun, 
but you no longer belong here.”

In your bedroom 
with those foreign faces. 
Under your clothes, 
private places.

I’ll push my roots into the road with all my might, 
cause I’m not coming back tonight.

From coast to coast, until I’m bored of the sea. 
Making land into stories, pictures mean memories. 
Until you won’t recognize me. 
Until you won’t recognize me.


1. Dan’s Christopher Walken Impersonation

When you told me you loved the beach, 
I set off an A-Bomb at every coastline. 
When you told me you loved the grass, 
I set off weedkiller through all the water pipes. 
When you told me you loved the sun, 
I sent astronauts to extinguish it. 
When you told me you loved me, 
I imploded from the stomach out.

2. I Don’t Wanna Fuck With Another Dude’s Snacks

I won’t let this grave get the best of me. 
Bury the soil on top of my roots. 

Where’s the figure to help you figure about 
the dark of the night and when to scream and shout. 
I hope you never come back home, 
I hope you’ve found your way out. 

You are the footsteps I hear in my head. 
Echos from ear to ear. 

Where were you when I needed you? 
Staying true to your usual plans. 
Where were you when I needed you? 
Laying low with your casket’s demands.

3. Pass Me The Ball

I’m not moving, I’m just standing still. 

In this shit you left me, I’m glad you left me. 
I’ve learned three things this year: 
like my dependency on beer, 
how sweat feels in my eyes, 
and how you depend on your lies. 

You can’t apologize enough for feeling sorry for leaving. 
It doesn’t help at all that each time you do, I still don’t believe it. 
So I’ve made shapes out of your left over belongings; 
a hand empty through old age, 
a new bed for each turned page, 
a perfume bottle I can’t stand to see, 
someone who actually needs me.

4. I Didn’t Say Pass Me The Ball

In modern photography, digital topography, 
pictures of places we can never see. 
(You can meet me) 

Under 20,000 leagues, or in a different country, 
planes can’t take us places we cannot be. 
(In the middle) 

Two faces on a video screen, captured clearly, 
no matter how many feet are in between. 
(You can meet me) 

Still I’m so happy for the real thing; 
to feel your skin and the bite of your teeth.

5. Dos Penes Duros

I like when 
you come over 
we leave the lights on 
and undress 

I like when 
we burn a candle 
to set the mood when 
we have sex 

I like when 
we share a bottle of 
white wine right 
before bed 

I like when 
the sun rises 
we skip classes 
make love instead

6. The Deer in the Basement

I’d like to think that I’m capable 
Of doing things on my own. 
Like you should’ve been there to show me. 
Well, you should’ve been there at all. 

We may not have made it, 
but at least we’re fucking okay.

7. New Pantera

What’s the right age to love? 

Cause I’ve always either been too old or too young. 
I used to want to see you in the morning without makeup, 
Now I’d like to see you at all. 

Splintered wood, 
breaking from the cabinet door, 
build two from one, 
and we separate even more. 

I’ve seen your face, 
less than I’ve seen the back of your head. 
You told me you were leaving, 
I hope you’ll remember what I said. 

(I don’t see you anymore) 

Time takes as much as time breaks, 
whether the buds of a lemon tree or the freezing summer lakes. 

Until I’m sleeping, it still feels wrong. 
I’m either sleeping or I’m gone.